Identifying Small Business Ideas Opportunity

By | June 3, 2023

Great Business ideas are not hard to find, but hard to see, the ideas of business always springs from one simple observation; people must need something to do. This article suggest the following tips in the search for good business ideas:

1. Keep Your Ears To The Ground: where ever you may be always listen and look very well. Keep the small picture firmly in mind. What a company viewed as nothing more than a promotion might turn out to be basis of business.

2. Take Every Company You Hear Seriously: The complaint, whether within or outside; if work upon, may become the breakthrough you need. That is business ideas for you. You taking positive action on the complaint may lead to an invention which when introduce to others in business or for personal use may lead to good income through sales every year. The presence of rats and mice in America alone, some years back resulted to tens of millions dollars in us economy. Rat and mice were responsible for thousands of jobs as many families were supported from the income of exterminators of such pests.

3. Wait For Your Boss To Fire You; At times, as an employee, you might come up with a solution to your employer’s customer complaint. The employer because of the years it will take or lack of foresight on their part to implement it, might discourage the good ideas. This might translate into windows of opportunity for you. Once it becomes so crystal clear in your mind what you have to do to translate your ideas into good business just take the risk and quit the job. Big company employers don’t sometimes understand what you have seen, you have got the entrepreneur outlook to see beyond the current revenue stream to what was going to happen in future.

4. Assume Everyone Has The Same Problem: you do have every human problem holds possibilities for someone willing to look for them. What you went through to secure a key to success to your problem might spark a great business ideas in you assume others have the same problem. Brainstorming the ideas may lead you to setting up a business that will solve others people problems.

5. Ask The Right Questions: if you ask people or customers the right question about what business to go into or how to solve certain problems, the answer can bubble up, slowing over time an ideas will begin to take shape. It could turn out to be in the areas of an urgent need to develops better products faster or better packaging or a new line altogether.

6. Scan background Research report and market forecast: this will require you to be up to date with trade journals magazines etc.

7. Attend meetings, forums, symposium and trade shows.