Satellite Internet Service – Now It’s Better Than Ever

By | May 21, 2023

Satellite internet service is here to stay and it’s better than ever. Whether you live in rural America or a very remote region, or spend lots of time on the road in your RV, with satellite internet, you won’t have to do without high speed internet.

The fact that fast internet has not been available for millions of people living in the country has been more than annoying. In today’s world, not having access to broadband can leave you at a serious disadvantage. Well, government has decided to level the playing field and wants everyone in the continental U.S to have access to high speed internet.

But even with government support, DSL and Cable will not be coming to many rural areas anytime soon. It’s too expensive to install the infrastructure to offer these services and businesses are in business to make money. The time frame for recover of their investment is too long to make it viable for them.

Even phone companies are reluctant to upgrade their lines just so high speed access is available.

That’s where satellite internet comes in. This type of broadband can be installed almost anywhere, no matter how far away from a city you live. You will need a clear view of the southern sky for the satellite dish. So if you want to finally get rid of slow dial-up, now you can.

That’s not all. For many, travelling in an RV for weeks or even months at a time has become a way of life.

One of the most inconvenient parts of that is trying to find a WiFi spot or a trailer park where you can have high speed access. Of course, you could opt for a mobile internet plan, but these plans are quite limited at the present time. But, with the recent improvements in RV satellite internet, you can bring the broadband along with you instead.

Admittedly, satellite internet was not very good when it was first introduced. There were lots of problems with the service.

For instance, when the weather was poor, outages were very common. Latency made it impossible to do anything in real time, like trying to place a bid during the final few seconds of an auction, or playing games online.

Then there was the cost. You really had to think twice about whether it was even worth the high cost for the limited amount of data you were allowed to download in a twenty four hour period. Finally, the speeds were faster than dial-up, but nowhere near what you would have with a Cable or DSL service.

Yes, there are still some drawbacks. The cost is higher than DSL or Cable and the amount of data that can be downloaded is limited compared to other broadband services. But it is high speed, and you can do so much more than you can with dial up.

If you used satellite in the past, and weren’t happy with the service, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Satellite broadband is a whole lot better these days. As the demand for high speed internet has grown, satellite internet providers have improved the service greatly.

Today, outages are infrequent even during poor weather. There are more satellites available for internet, so customers can be hooked up to a satellite that is better positioned for their location. This results in better signal strength, and fewer issues with latency. You can even use VOIP. This was not possible in years past.

Today, you don’t have to be left behind with slow dial-up internet. True broadband is available with a satellite internet service, in rural or remote areas. And you no longer have to leave the broadband at home when you are enjoying life in your RV. You can stay connected with a reliable satellite broadband service.