How to Get People to Opt In to Social Media

Although you are a firm believer in social media and all that it offers, you are still bound to come across business associates who don’t seem to understand its value and how amazing it can be for their business.

The nonbeliever

Social media nonbelievers are generally intelligent and well-educated people. They are well rounded and interesting. The only thing that is missing when it comes to online activities is their desire and their need for social media (or so they believe). Nonbelievers come from the school of thought that aspires to see no value in all things technologic.

However, if you can see your way clear to opening up a discussion with a nonbeliever about social media, in other words, if you can pique their interest enough for them to want to know what it is all about, you have a chance at converting them from nonbelievers to believers. Nonbelievers initially believe that it is not possible to have discussions online that will lead to any real business. Everyone who understands anything about social media knows that interactions through are based on interactions among people. Although it isn’t always obvious how discussions turn into revenue, it is easy to explain how this happens. Conversations lead to a relationship that is built on trust and credibility and trust and credibility eventually leads to people wanting to buy what you are selling because you have a relationship that has become important to them.

The stereotype of social media

It is entirely possible that people who have no involvement in social media have been paying enough attention to remember some of the names of the various online channels. Remember that their familiarity with some of the more popular names, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, doesn’t mean that they have an understanding of the capabilities of those channels. As you know, social media has gotten some seriously bad press over time and there are still many people who actually believe that the more popular social networks are only interesting and appropriate for teenagers. Of course, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. In your mission to convert a nonbeliever, one of your principle obligations is to educate him/her about the tremendous usefulness that social media has for business.

Your online business marketing strategy

Once you have had the conversation about social media only being useful for teenagers, you next line of defense is producing solid evidence that proves that you can actually successfully do business online and truly increase your business’s revenue. Please don’t be surprised if the reaction that you get is still rather skeptical. Once you have produced positive proof that social media seriously contributes to the bottom line of your business, it should hopefully get that person to start thinking that maybe there is something to it. Even if the conversion seems rather slow at first, you should try to be patient. Your goal was not to snap your fingers and poof, the nonbeliever was converted instantly (although that would be delightful). Rather, your goal was to create a small crack in his or her solid wall of nonbelief and skepticism. Once you have created that small crack, you can inundate the person with more and more useful information on social media. The more information you supply, the wider the crack will become until eventually, the wall will completely crumble and the nonbeliever will become one of social media’s most loyal and passionate fans.

Putting social media in terms that the nonbeliever can understand

If you speak in terms of advantages that he/she can appreciate and apply to his/her own business, you have a good chance of truly making him/her see what you see. For example, a good angle to discuss is how the Internet allows you to keep a close watch on your business activities, how the information that you gather online allows you to categorize your online connections very effectively, and how the Internet allows you to gather solid metrics that will enable you to hone your activities so that you can serve your target market most appropriately and successfully.


Fortunately, the majority of people whom you come across in business understand and believe in the power of social media and its vast and extremely positive implications for your business. On the rare occasion when you come across (or perhaps have known for a long time) the nonbeliever, you should consider it a welcome challenge to educate that person and really enlighten him or her about all that social media has to offer their business.

The Training and Skills You Need to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse or RN that works as a contact between knowing medicine and understanding the law. They generally consult with attorneys and people who are involved in medical issues. They will have general knowledge in personal injury, workers’ compensation and wrongful termination cases.

Many RN’s work on medical malpractice law suits. Attorneys are not familiar with medical terms or how to read medical records like RN’s are; a LNC bridges the gap between the two.

What does it take to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Every LNC is a registered nurse first. They differ from Paralegals because a Legal Nurse Consultant deals only with medical related issues. A Paralegal will assist an attorney in drafting and filing briefs on behalf of the law firm while an LNC will only work within the scope of nursing.

Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant allows a nurse to move from the clinical aspect of their job and explore an office environment. Many who are LNC’s have experience in medical issues that attorneys do not. Since medical lawsuits have risen in number over the past few years, a nurse who wants to work with a law firm and use their education and expertise must obtain a degree or certificate.

Most educational programs are offered online. If you are going to further your education, make sure to pick a school that is favored by the medical association. There are several programs that are geared towards Legal Nurse Consulting or Forensic Nursing.

What are the rewards of becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The career choice to work within the legal field is a plus, gone are the twelve hour days and or the night shift. Many law firms operate during business hours with attorneys burning the midnight oil.

Health care is a growing field just as much as the legal arena. LNC’s are sought after because of their knowledge of medical terms, standards of care and they can prepare medical summaries for trial. Many who have extensive knowledge in a particular area can be used as an expert witness at trial. They are an asset to any firm that practices medical related law.

How in demand are Legal Nurse Consultants?

The demand for a LNC is growing because many attorneys who practice medical malpractice suits are limited on their knowledge of medical terms. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) is devoted to keeping LNC’s informed about job opportunities. They also help to distinguish the difference between Paralegals and Legal Nurse Consultants.

An LNC might play the dual role in a smaller law firm, but a larger firm will use LNC’s to help with medical issues that a Paralegal or attorney doesn’t have experience in. LNC’s are held to a code of ethics just like a Para-professional or attorney.

If you have been an RN for a few years and working with a law firm sounds like a challenging and rewarding career change for you, then do more research on the internet. All you need to do is visit websites that cover the career in more detail.

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10 Reasons Education Law is So Important

If you work in a school or other education establishment then you might already be aware of why education law is playing such an important role in modern education.

Here’s what you need to know

1.    Schools are just as accountable and responsible as other businesses, and have to meet the same sort of regulations.

2.    Compliance with relevant education laws and government policies is essential, and an experienced education solicitor can make sure that your school or university isn’t breaking any laws.

3.    Your school will be dealing with many suppliers, and will be buying lots of goods and services.  Education law can also help you make sure that the contracts you negotiate and sign are legal, and in your best interests.

4.    Unfortunately pupil discipline is becoming more of an issue in modern education.  It is important that you know what you can and can’t do to discipline your pupils.

5.    Charity law can also apply to schools if they received donations or funding.  By knowing how to deal with the paperwork and legal implications involved, you can make sure that you stay on the right side of the law.

6.    Estate management is another important area of education.  Perhaps you are considering buying or selling land for the school, or want help when hiring contractors.

7.    Like in other sectors, it is important to remember that construction, planning and environmental laws also apply to schools too.  If you’re in the process of having a new wing built, or wanting to make more of your playing fields, you’ll need to make sure that the plans are legal.

8.    Employment law still applies in schools, so that you’ll need to make sure that all of your employees are treated fairly so as not to breach employment laws.

9.    When recruiting new staff, you might additional skills to be verified, or checks to be carried out.  An education solicitor will be able to help ensure that your recruitment process is up to date and legal.

10.    Health and Safety issues and schools always seem to be in the news, and often for the wrong reasons, so it’s important that your staff know exactly how lessons should be carried out, cleaning should be done, and how any other potential hazards can be identified and minimised to reduce the risk of injury or disease to pupils and staff.

Now you know more how important knowing about and adhering to relevant education laws is, perhaps it’s time for you to make sure your policies and procedures comply with Education Law.

Designer Backpacks

In their bid to be unique and different, many people today go in for designer backpacks. A designer backpack is basically a backpack styled and manufactured by a designer. Just like designer clothes, designer backpacks also sell because of the designer’s name, in addition to the quality and styling of the product.

These backpacks have become a kind of a status symbol for the young crowds. People use them not only to make a fashion statement but also to reflect their status. Not only that, the use of designer backpacks by celebrities and stars has also gone a long way in popularizing them.

It must be noted that apart from the name and status, these backpacks also promise high quality. Most of them offer a guarantee against tearing or breaking of parts. Made from materials ranging from silk to leather to denim and velvet, designer backpacks are manufactured to satisfy every one’s style and liking.

Although superior in quality, designer backpacks are charged not only for the fine material used but also for the style and fashioning of the product. In other words, a consumer pays not only for the product but also for the new concept or idea. This results in an increase in the prices of these backpacks. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the more renowned the designer is, the more expensive his/her product will be. A major factor resulting in the high price and popularity is the fact that unlike traditional backpacks which are mass produced, the designer backpack are produced in much smaller numbers, thus giving the backpacks a certain degree of uniqueness.

However, when buying a designer backpack, one must purchase it either from one of the designer’s outlets or from a reputed showroom, as the market is filled with fake replicas of these backpacks. Most designers also give a certificate of authenticity along with the backpack. A consumer must insist upon this, as it certifies the product to be an original. These backpacks can also be ordered online, if one does not have the time to go shopping.

Natural Skin Products Are As Close As Your Pantry

Natural skin products are as close as your pantry and refrigerator! If you are at all concerned about the chemical additives present in commercial skin care lines, you can easily and affordably make your own skin care products with ingredients you likely already have on hand. This way, you can avoid all the cheap chemical fillers and preservatives present in most retail products, and save money, too.

Natural skin products such as scrubs, lotions, bath products and more are not at all difficult to make. The most difficult aspect about making many of these products is the ability to melt some natural oils and waxes over a bowl of hot water. Of course, you will need to stir your ingredients together well, which is why a stick blender is an indispensable piece of equipment when making skin care items. You don’t even need to go to the bother of buying a new blender. You can easily find stick blenders in many thrift stores. If you wash them well, and sanitize them in a bleach solution before using, they can be wonderful additions to making homemade beauty products.

The best thing about many natural skin products is that you can use them straight out of the fridge. For example, did you know that yogurt and sour cream are wonderful products to soften and exfoliate the skin because of the lactic acid they contain? You can make a beautiful, simple mask made out of yogurt and honey that will equal the effect of most any commercial skin treatment.You can make a wonderful scrub from olive oil and either sugar or salt, that will exfoliate dry skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturized.

As well as avoiding detrimental chemicals when you chose to make your own natural skin products, you will save a lot of money by making your own skin care items. Instead of paying for expensive acne treatments in the drug store, you can make a very effective acne scrub with aspirin tablets and oranges for much less than $1.00. This treatment has the benefit of being rich in Vitamin C, an antioxidant and alpha- and beta hydroxy acids which are known as powerful exfoliants to clear clogged pores and stimulate skin cell turnover.

So don’t pay for fancy packaging and expensive advertising campaigns! Make your own natural skin products to save money and get beautiful, glowing skin.

Why Use Life Insurance Comparisons?

Looking through life insurance comparisons when you are on the market for buying insurance is a very important thing to do. Doing these life insurance comparisons is going to allow you to compare the plans between many different companies, so that you can ensure you are getting the best possible price and service for your money.

Life insurance comparisons can be found easily simply by logging on to the Internet and scoping out your options. There are tons of different sites that you can find, simply by typing in “compare life insurance” into Google or another major search engine. This is an easy thing you can do which will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Comparison shopping is going to bring you the best possible prices for your insurance. If you simply purchase a policy from the first company you come across, then you may end up spending a lot more compared to what you would pay from someone else. This is why using comparisons when you are shopping is the most important thing you can do for any purchase you make. When you purchase the first thing you come across and don’t do any research, you run the risk of becoming unhappy with that purchase in the end.

You may also want to compare quotes by asking your friends and family who they have insurance through. This is another really easy thing to do which could save you a lot of money on your premiums.

Life insurance comparisons are an important and valuable part of the buying experience. You want to find something you can easily afford, which will give you good benefits. In the event of your death, your family will be paid out so that you do not become a financial burden.

Identifying Small Business Ideas Opportunity

Great Business ideas are not hard to find, but hard to see, the ideas of business always springs from one simple observation; people must need something to do. This article suggest the following tips in the search for good business ideas:

1. Keep Your Ears To The Ground: where ever you may be always listen and look very well. Keep the small picture firmly in mind. What a company viewed as nothing more than a promotion might turn out to be basis of business.

2. Take Every Company You Hear Seriously: The complaint, whether within or outside; if work upon, may become the breakthrough you need. That is business ideas for you. You taking positive action on the complaint may lead to an invention which when introduce to others in business or for personal use may lead to good income through sales every year. The presence of rats and mice in America alone, some years back resulted to tens of millions dollars in us economy. Rat and mice were responsible for thousands of jobs as many families were supported from the income of exterminators of such pests.

3. Wait For Your Boss To Fire You; At times, as an employee, you might come up with a solution to your employer’s customer complaint. The employer because of the years it will take or lack of foresight on their part to implement it, might discourage the good ideas. This might translate into windows of opportunity for you. Once it becomes so crystal clear in your mind what you have to do to translate your ideas into good business just take the risk and quit the job. Big company employers don’t sometimes understand what you have seen, you have got the entrepreneur outlook to see beyond the current revenue stream to what was going to happen in future.

4. Assume Everyone Has The Same Problem: you do have every human problem holds possibilities for someone willing to look for them. What you went through to secure a key to success to your problem might spark a great business ideas in you assume others have the same problem. Brainstorming the ideas may lead you to setting up a business that will solve others people problems.

5. Ask The Right Questions: if you ask people or customers the right question about what business to go into or how to solve certain problems, the answer can bubble up, slowing over time an ideas will begin to take shape. It could turn out to be in the areas of an urgent need to develops better products faster or better packaging or a new line altogether.

6. Scan background Research report and market forecast: this will require you to be up to date with trade journals magazines etc.

7. Attend meetings, forums, symposium and trade shows.

Red Grooms – An American Milestone in Multimedia Artistry & Pop Art

American multimedia (painting, sculpture, and printmaking) artist, Charles Rogers Grooms, also known as Red Grooms, was born on June 7, 1937, at Nashville, Tennessee. He studied at the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois and later at the Peabody College, Nashville. In 1956, Grooms moved to the New York City and enrolled at the New School for Social Research. A year later, while starting his career as a dishwasher in a restaurant, he also joined the Hans Hoffmann School of Fine Arts in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It was here that he interacted a lot with animators like Yvonne Andersen, with whom he later on completed a number of short films. Here, Dominic Falcone of Sun Gallery, Provincetown, nicknamed Grooms as “Red.”

Charles Rogers is best known for his contributions to spontaneous artistic events, also generally referred to as ‘Happenings’ and is also famous for his ‘Pop art’ constructions, which are mainly bright in color, displayed on varied mediums. Most of his works have generated a satirically amusing view of modern-day life and this can be seen in his film, “Fat Feet (1965).” Red Grooms’ work like “The Burning Building” was also highly appreciated. It was staged at his studio in New York between December 4 and 11, 1959. Other famous works of Red include “Play Called Fire” & “The Walking Man.”

Red Grooms also invented ‘Sculpto-Pictoramas,’ a type of installations devised from several media, especially sculpture and painting, to generate the attention of the viewers. The example of ‘Sculpto-Pictoramas’ can be seen in “The City of Chicago (1968)” & “Ruckus Manhattan (1975).” The artist created these works jointly with Mimi Gross, his wife. The couple also featured in Mike Kuchar’s “Secret of Wendel Samson (1966).” Several of Red’s works have a strong sense of history and can be classified as perceptive, which is clearly visible in “Nighthawks Revisited (1980),” “Philadelphia Cornucopia (1982),” & “Studio at Rue des Grands-Augustin’s (1990-96).” Grooms was also often criticized for some of his works like “Shoot-out (1983),” where he portrayed a cowboy and an American Indian shooting at each other and another where his sculptures were picked for his callousness towards Indian history.

In 1985, Grooms displayed 29 years of his works at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. It contained all the paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and huge “Sculpto-Pictoramas.” Other than the USA, Grooms’ works were shown in Europe and Japan. In 1990s, the artist returned to Nashville, Tennessee and created some 36 figures hailing from Nashville history, for the Tennessee Foxtrot Carousel. His printmaking ranges from woodblock prints, stencils, etchings, and lithographs. In 2003, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Academy of Design. At present, Red Grooms lives and works in the New York City, lower Manhattan with his daughter Saskia Grooms.

Is an Online University Degree For You?

Online education has revolutionized distance learning, providing greater convenience and opening new doors for a lot of people who want to increase their career potential. If you are interested in getting a degree online, there are a number of things you should consider.

The first thing you have to make sure of is if online education is right for you. Enrolling in an online university or college is ideal for working people or stay-at-home parents. If your other priorities leave you no opportunity to make it to scheduled classes, taking courses online is the best way to go, provided you have a good amount of self-discipline when it comes to time management. Online education is really for people who do very well with minimum supervision. It can also provide that second chance at further education for older adults who may not feel too comfortable attending classes with people who are a lot younger.

Signing up for an online university degree doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting substandard instruction. An accredited online institution ensures that students get adequate online guidance from their instructors with the use of internet tools. Challenging individual and group projects may be given by your professors, for which you can use various online resources. Forums, message boards and chat rooms are often provided in online university websites to have a venue for and encourage interaction between online students.

There are a lot of different online degrees available including associate degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorates in fields like healthcare/nursing, business and marketing, information technology, psychology, education, and even biology and electrical engineering. As long as you enroll in accredited online universities, there’s no need to doubt the credibility of this kind of education. The syllabi, resource materials, exams, and sometimes even instructors are the same for both online and classroom courses. Employers are also generally confident that online graduates have skills as competitive as those who got their degrees the traditional way.

Once you’ve made up your mind to continue your studies through online education, the next step is to choose the right degree program and online school to enroll in. Keep the following in mind:

1. When choosing a field of study, you may want to consider what kind of career may be lucrative for you.

2. For universities who are not purely online and have physical campuses, check if there’s still a residency requirement or if you’ll have to occasionally show up for exams, etc. Consider if you can work these in your schedule.

3. See if the credits you’ll be getting from an online university will be transferable just in case you’ll have to continue with another school at some point.

4. Check if the online university has resources like an online library and tutorial services. You may want to get more value out of your enrollment.

5. Beware online diploma mills, especially if what you’re really after is education that can be of use in your future career.

6. Most importantly, check if the online university is accredited by the appropriate regional agency. Your diploma will be useless if not issued by an accredited institution.

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Program

From the many culinary arts schools in the country and all over the world, the only thing common to all of their students is the passion for cooking. Without it, they will not be found in those schools. There are students who take culinary arts programs and other related courses not just to become a chef or cook. Others plan in putting up their own business or simply to enhance their skills and know more ideas about different cooking approaches. Whatever their reasons may be, choosing and going to reputable schools offering the best quality education will better serve their purpose.

What about career growth; you don’t expect to be forever chef, do you? You can have a higher position, or even the highest if you take up certain appropriate programs. Taking only culinary arts will leave you to discovering and preparing different new approaches to cooking. But if you take culinary and restaurant management, who knows, you can be the restaurant manager in less than 2 years time. Setting your goals higher combined with hard work will definitely take you to a higher position.

Just look at things this way, restaurant operations do not depend only on cooks and chefs. There should be someone managing the business. And who would run a restaurant better than those with full knowledge of culinary arts and restaurant management? This makes the program beneficial to people with ambitions to be managers or supervisors. How does that sound to you? Considering other programs to take in culinary schools for greater things?

One of the schools that offer culinary arts and restaurant management is The Art Institute of New York City. The school’s program balances culinary theory and practice. Students taking on this innovative program learn cooking, baking, communication, and management skill. All the things you are to study and gain knowledge from will help you walk your way up through the ladder of career growth. Isn’t that what most people wanted- to have an edge on their respective area of specialization and eventually lead to promotion.

Graduates of culinary and restaurant management program are equipped with knowledge and skills to seek entry-level jobs such as prep cook, assistant food service manager, line cook, assistant food and beverage manager, and many more. In the food service industry, it is not enough that you know the ins and outs of cooking if you want to see yourself managing a restaurant instead of just cooking. So, decide now and take the culinary arts and restaurant management program and lead the team, rather than be on the team.